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"If you want to be healthy, you can be healthy. It's simply a choice that you make."

"Now that I've finished my Program I'm still sticking to the habits. When I think about all the benefits I gain, it's more difficult not to do it!"
Greg, 27, Engineer

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     That's me circa 2012
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You don’t have to know exactly what to do. You just have to decide to change.

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"The greatest health changes come when a desire to change meets the right actions to take, and action is taken consistently.


I can help you get this balance exactly right."



 That's me! September to November 2001
Why did I create Body Transform?

Because I want everyone who wants to get in shape, improve their health, and create more energy in their lives to have a really simple and effective way to do it. I don’t believe getting in shape needs to be complicated or difficult. I believe that everyone should understand about effective cardio and weight training, and understand how the foods they eat affect their body. Because I want everyone to really take ownership of the simple yet effective habits that give you complete control over your body and health. 
How do I know what to provide you?
I have studied what I teach conceptually, but I really learned about it working with real-life people in real-life.  Firstly, I learnt a great deal about exercise and nutrition myself over a short period of time in 2001. I did my own 10-week transformation of sorts (I used to look very different!) – and changed my exercise and eating habits forever in the process. Plus, to actually allow me to change some old unwanted habits, I had to get motivated and stay motivated. Those lessons have stayed with me ever since.
Which is all well and good for me right? But the question then arose: why aren’t others around me getting in better shape and following successful habits? I didn’t know. Two things were clear however: 1. Almost everyone wants to be in better shape. 2. I had better pass on my very effective methods, because no one else seemed to be providing a straight-forward and successful solution.
What I teach now is based on my work with people of basically every different body-shape and personality imaginable. Every different background and persuasion. I have refined my information so I don’t teach you anything you don’t need to know. I’ve made sure the essential concepts are emphasised. I know the support we all need when we are making a change. I know how to develop motivation. I know what works in the real-world.
What do I actually do with my time?
Now I am full-time coaching and guiding all my clients through the 10 week Body Transform program. Through the internet-based program I am lucky enough to work with people all around the world. I insist that everyone can contact me when they need to for advice or support or simply to let me know how they are going with the program. I love helping others get healthy and in shape and Body Transform will always be my number one focus.
Do I still workout?
Absolutely. Did you know that the weightlifting and cardio workouts I do are exactly the same as the ones I teach?! I still do the 17 minute interval cardio training that I teach. And I still lift weights in exactly the same way as I teach it: 5 sets per body-part – each body-part once a week. Why? Because it works! And I am still making progress and development in my body doing these actions.
And eat well?  
Of course I am still eating well. I love being fit and lean and energised, and I know absolutely that what I eat contributes so much. So I eat 5 portion-controlled meals of protein and carbohydrate every day. And I have a free day every week where I can forget all about planning meals and just eat what I feel like when it suits me (dark chocolate and red wine please).
It is very important to me to provide leadership to everyone who joins my program. And leadership to me means continuing to practice all of the things I teach and continuing to change and grow in the same way I ask my clients to.
Join the program and experience how I can personally help you.

Learn the 3 essential components exercise  nutrition  motivation

If you have any questions right now check out our FAQ section.

"Thank you for reading about my story, and about Body Transform. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you in your health and fitness goals."

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Phil Stewart
Body Transform

P.S. The Body Transform 100% Money-back Guarantee means there is no financial risk for you. If you purchase the Program and don't achieve the body changes you desire, or if you aren't feeling fitter, healthier and more energised, I will promptly refund your full purchase fee. And I'll let you keep all of the information and support resources that I send you!



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