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Links to Useful Products and Services

Below are a selection of websites that we think may be of interest to you. In these sites, you can find fitness products, services, or other general advice that might be beneficial in terms of your body and health.

These website links are listed as a convenience to you. As they are separate entities to Body Transform, we do not take responsibility for their content.

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Most Recommended Health Sites:

Healthy Living Technologies, Air Water & Laundry Purification, Health & Wellness Products. State of the Art, Energy Savings Device NASA & NSF Certified, BBB Member Since 1993

Diet weight loss
It takes more than just losing a few pounds to truly live a happier,
healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle. That's why the Slim Girl's Box
of Secrets comes with a unique set of benefits that you just won't find

Fresh Meal Delivery
Enjoy fresh meals delivered to you and choose from a database of over 2,000 recipes.

Fulfillment Services
JM Field Marketing offers fulfillment and order processing services, company stores, warehousing services, call center and marketing services for clients. - Health Directory information and service - Health Directory information and service

Health Junkie - New Zealand Sport, Fitness and Health Directory

Weight Vests - Manufacturer of the V-Max, Ultimate Weighted Vest. Our vests have redundant reinforcement criteria, making them virtually indestructible and the toughest, well-built weight vests on the web.

Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music
Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.

Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Bodytalk - Fort Myers Southwest Florida
Description: Acupuncture, the BodyTalk System, Matrix Energetics, Hypnosis, and Shiatsu Massage with Darlene Carswell, AP, CBP, Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida. Somatron Vibroacoustics - Balancing Body Mind Spirit for Optimal Living.

Ayurvedic Natural Health Supplements, Herbal Remedies by Ayurveda  Natural Ayurvedic Health Supplements and Herbal Remedies

Body Massage Therapist Brazilian Waxing Spa Treatment  - Genesis Bodywork therapists provide Thai, Swedish and foot massage, including couples, male/female waxing & hair removal, pedicure, manicure and various spa packages.

The Natural Path    Health educational website includes iridology, live blood microscopy, face tongue nail analysis.  Also education in the use of nutrition, organic and wildcrafted herbs, whole food supplements, cleansing and detoxing, and exercise to fight disease. 

Wilson Drugs
About Ayurveda Ayurveda or “science of life” is an ancient has blended ayurvedic expertise with modern medical research methodology, to extend the science of ayurveda to produce scientifically verified herbal solutions

Lifestyle Family Fitness Club
Lifestyle Family Fitness offers its member's state-of-the-art cardiovascular and strength-training equipment with fitness clubs throughout the Midwest/Eastern United States.

Best Treadmill Ratings, Reviews and Comparisons  Consumer buying guide for quality treadmills. Read our reviews on the most popular brands.

101 Stretching & Flexibility Exercises    Take your Flexibility to the next level with over 100 Stretching and Flexibility Exercises. Improve your athletic performance, eradicate sports injury and do away with tight, stiff muscles.

Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Support Straps  These padded neoprene gloves will increase your weight loads without sore hands, wrist ache or calluses. FREE shipping. 100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee.

Aeromic Aerobics Headset Microphones  The leader in sweat resistant headset microphones designed just for group fitness instructors. Aeromic is the most reliable aerobics mic available with its world famous, sweat-resistant construction.

Aerobics Music for Fitness, Exercise and Workout Instructors  At Fitness AV you'll find an excellent selection of music for aerobics, group fitness, indoor cycling and spinning. CATEGORY: Fitness, Music, CDs, Audio Visual

Bodylastics highlights the 1.5 pound home gym that is the $50 Bowflex alternative. Work the same muscles for less!

Sanyo Massage Chair
We offer free shipping on Sanyo Massage Chairs.

DietPower Diet Software
Free trial download or CD. Works with any diet to GUARANTEE reaching your goal on target date. Tracks 33 nutrients, counts calories in exercise. "4 Stars!" - Shape. "The Ultimate" - Runner's World.

Custom Arch Support Orthotics Alternative
Learn how to relieve body pain with Posture Control Insoles instead of big bulky arch supports. has the perfect Custom Arch Support Orthotics Alternative.

New York Nutritionist, Carly Feigan
Head-to-Health is a 6 week program designed to speed up metabolism, stabilize blood sugar levels, boost energy, and gently detoxify the body.

#1 Herbalife Weight Loss
Your Herbalife Distributor New Zealand Healthy Energizing Herbalife Weight Loss Programs, Diet Products, Lose Weight Now, Free Super-Fast Delivery.

Fat Loss Revealed - About Supps Site.
Learn which diet and weight loss supplements burn fat and which are hype... And discover a scientifically proven, totally personalized fat loss diet all within the next 10 minutes.



Eating Right Made Easy

Learn about the right foods and how to get the right amount for you

Eating Right Guide 
The Guide will tell you how to get the right amount of protein and carbohydrate to get at every meal

Food to Lose Weight 
Eating protein and carbohydrate together in the right amounts will help you to lose weight. See how.


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