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"If you want to be healthy, you can be healthy. It's simply a choice that you make."

"Now that I've finished my Program I'm still sticking to the habits. When I think about all the benefits I gain, it's more difficult not to do it!"
Greg, 27, Engineer

"We now have evidence to support the claim that exercise is related to positive mental health as indicated by relief in symptoms of depression and anxiety."

Daniel M. Landers, The Influence of Exercise on Mental Health, Arizona State University

"We are well aware of the effect of diet upon our physical health. But we are only just beginning to understand how the brain as an organ is influenced by the nutrients it derives from the foods we eat and how diets have an impact on our mental health."

Dr Andrew McCulloch, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation UK

“Now 10 weeks on I can tell you that my life has changed. The skills you learn throughout the Body Transform Program allow you to transform not only your physical shape, but also your mental focus and your ability to apply yourselves to challenges and succeed.”

Kent, 31, TV and Film Editor

"Exercise is particularly important for people with depression as it also gives structure and purpose to the day."

Mental Health Foundation, UK

"I would recommend Body Transform to anyone who wants to look and feel incredible and who wants to make a positive difference in ALL aspects of their life!"

Anna, 26, Accountant

"We often talk about the mind and body as though they are completely separate – but they aren't. The mind can’t function unless your body is working properly."

Physical Activity and Mental Health, The Royal College of Psychiatrists 

"During my 10 weeks I increased my energy levels, inspired my son, and increased my self-esteem. I have changed my life, and I know I can maintain it."

Steve, 45

"There's good epidemiological data to suggest that active people are less depressed than inactive people. And people who were active and stopped tend to be more depressed than those who maintain or initiate an exercise program."

James Blumenthal, PhD, Clinical Psychologist at Duke University

Exercise and nutrition can transform your health

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Transform your health with exercise and nutrition by creating a positive physiological change in your body – within days.
With a new focus, continued effort towards an exercise and nutrition goal creates a lasting health transformation.


Good exercise and nutrition can be a great
front-line treatment for improving health 

Exercise and Nutrition are the foundations of your mental health

Exercise and nutrition are the most fundamental things that affect your body, because:
                   1. Exercise is how you move your body
                   2. Nutrition is the energy your body runs on
It should be no surprise that how you move and how you fuel your body has a huge effect on both your physical and mental health.
If you are suffering from low energy levels and reduced sense of wellbeing it is entirely possible to transform your health simply by changing how you move and what energy you consume.
(I do not make the above statements lightly; it would be irresponsible to do so. At the bottom of this page are links to a number of studies that prove clear links between exercise and nutrition and mental health.)
Changing how you exercise and what you eat in alignment with a goal is extremely effective in transforming your health– because you change your physical and mental states at the same time.
Making positive exercise and nutrition changes to achieve a short-term goal is a primary way to get you moving again and feeling that something good is possible.
Body Transform is a 10-week Program that provides exercise, nutrition and goal-setting actions to help you achieve a body and health transformation.
Bear in mind that addressing exercise and nutrition is only one of many ways to improve physical and mental health. It is not the only way, but it is a very good first step to take to get you back on track.
What to do is clearly explained and constant support is available. Fast physical changes to your body and your mental health are possible when you exercise and eat in the Body Transform way.


Exercise – Nutrition – Goal: a powerful three-pronged weapon against being unwell

Sometimes, a personal goal or wish can be a single candle-light in the darkness, providing just enough light to spark you into action.
When the actions you take are as fundamental to your health as effective exercise and good nutrition, the only way is up. In fact, these fundamental actions will quickly add to your initial spark, making your initial personal goal or wish feel stronger.


The First Lift in your health transformation comes rapidly
All three elements - exercise, nutrition, goal - reinforce each other to create the First Lift in your health transformation.
The physiological improvement from effective exercise and nutrition will give you increased energy and wellbeing, which in turn gives you increased hope and belief that you are making positive change.
The beauty is, all three combined can yield very positive results very quickly.
This means within days of starting towards your goal you can feel more positive, more energetic, and more alive – the First Lift.
The Body Transform 10-week Program helps you set your own personal goals. And then it shows you the exercise and nutrition actions to take over a short-term 10-week period. Combined, it’s all you need if you want to make a health transformation quickly.
See what you get in the 10-week Program


The Second Lift in your health transformation is long-lasting
The Second Lift in your health transformation is achieved simply by keeping going! All you have to do, once you have started, is get to the finish.
That’s why the Body Transform Program has a short-term timeframe of 10 weeks. It needs to be the right length: not too short that it’s easy, but not too long that it’s unrealistic. All you have to do is get to the end of the 10 weeks – that is the goal.
Sound easy? It shouldn’t be. The Second Lift in mental health and wellbeing is longer-in-the-coming. It builds over a number of weeks, and often is not fully realised until after 10 weeks and completion of your goal. In many ways it comes from proving – to yourself – that you can finish what you start.
The Second Lift is the wellbeing and self esteem growth you get from getting your health back and achieving something challenging.
This growth is longer-term. It sits on top of the compounding physical health improvements you get from weeks of effective exercise and right nutrition.
The Second Lift reinforces your deep-down belief that you can be healthy, and that it is up to you to make it happen.

A health transformation is simply a choice that you make

Making a health transformation using the Body Transform 10-week Program is something you can do entirely independently.
It’s all about you, and it’s in your hands. You know how you are feeling, and you know that you want to feel better.
If you want it enough, Body Transform provides clear actions to take over a 10-week period to make things change. 
I guarantee you that if you can complete the 10 weeks things will change for you. Many who have completed the Program have indeed had transformations that are as much mental as they are physical.
If you think that now is the time to fight back against feeling unhappy and unwell, please consider this opportunity. You will have to do the work – and it will take a big effort – but it is there for you if you want it.

See what you get in the 10-week Program by clicking here
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If you have any questions right now check out our FAQ section.

Learn more about the Program.

"Thank you for showing an interest in your own health transformation. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you in your goals."

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Phil Stewart
Body Transform

P.S. The Body Transform 100% Money-back Guarantee means there is no financial risk for you. If you purchase the Program and don't achieve the body changes you desire, or if you aren't feeling fitter, healthier and more energised, I will promptly refund your full purchase fee. And I'll let you keep all of the information and support resources that I send you! 

Evidence of links between exercise and mental health

The Influence of Exercise on Mental Health, Daniel M. Landers, Regents’ Professor, Department of Kinesiology, 
Arizona State University
Physical Activity and Mental Health, The Royal College of Psychiatrists
The Exercise Effect, Kirsten Weir, American Psychological Association, December 2011
Depression and anxiety: Exercise eases symptoms, Mayo Clinic Staff

Evidence of links between nutrition and mental health

Diet and Mental Health, Mental Health Foundation
Eating Well, The Royal College of Psychiatrists
Nutrition And Mental Health, Lawrence Wilson, MD, The Center For Development, December 2009,
Mental Health Link to Diet Change, BBC News, January 2006

Please note

The information on this page is intended for informational purposes and is not to be used to diagnose or treat any illness.
Comprehensive guidance on exercise, nutrition and goal-setting is available through the Body Transform Program. Completing the Program can lead to positive physical and mental health changes. However, other health-improvement treatments are available that may be best for you. If you are unsure what to do, or want to know about other options available to you, please consult with a medical professional.
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