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Eating support gives a 245 percent difference

A recent study by the New England Journal of Medicine demands attention for everyone who needs support when it comes to eating the right foods.
A clinical trial of 811 overweight adults assigned to one of four different diets over two years found out that the type of diet your follow is not the main influencer of results. What’s much more important when it comes to eating is the support and guidance you get while you follow the diet.

What does this mean? It’s great news – because now you don’t need to try to keep up with the latest weight-loss fad. Just pick a proven eating plan that works, and make sure you get support and guidance while you do it.

The study suggests that you don’t have to get too precise with your foods, nor do you need to cut foods out of your diet completely. This is good – because it tends towards a sustainable answer: eating support.

The results of the 2-year study were quite amazing. Each of the four diets tested varied in the % of protein, carbohydrate and fat included. Each participant was provided with a program of support and coaching, including web-based guidance and group participation. Approximately half of the dieters participated in the support and coaching program, and the other half decided to ‘go it alone’.
At the end of the 2 years it was found that the results across the four different diets were statistically similar.
The differences in final results were in fact determined by whether a dieter – regardless of what diet they were on – followed the eating support program.

And the results were staggering: those following the program and participating in group contact lost 245% more weight than those ‘going it alone’.

This really is a massive difference in results.

What do these findings mean to us? It seems that when you are looking to make change to your eating habits, having support and guidance and support is of massive value. Don’t sweat exactly what diet to follow. Find one that is proven to work – and that you can actually sustain beyond just a couple of weeks. And then make sure you get some support while you do it.

What do I mean by support? Here are a few easy ways to get connected:

1. Start of by just telling your friends or family. If they ask why you are eating a little differently now – tell them what you are doing. Get them interested. Get their support. Share with them what you plan to do.

2. Find a forum or something on the web related to getting in shape or weight loss. Share what you are doing. Stay connected with it. Be accountable for what you are doing.

3. Find a program that gives you constant guidance and support, and group participation and sharing. It really does work.

There’s more to these findings. I think that on a really important level we all like to show to others what we are capable of. And we like to do things to inspire and impress others. This can only be done when we work together and share our efforts and our successes, and our challenges. I think when we all share, we can all achieve more.

I’ve seen this throughout my time working with a whole range of people with Body Transform. When people connect with others within a peer group, everyone has better results. This recent study backs this up. (And it’s just-plain more fun to be part of a group too.)

Think about this next time you set out towards a new goal. Whether it is weight loss or anything else. Consider sharing what you are doing with others, and being open to eating support and guidance.

Getting connected, and staying connected, could well be your key to 245% better results too.

To read the full New England Journal of Medicine article click here.

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