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"If you want to be healthy, you can be healthy. It's simply a choice that you make."

"Now that I've finished my Program I'm still sticking to the habits. When I think about all the benefits I gain, it's more difficult not to do it!"
Greg, 27, Engineer


Take coffee for weightloss

Here's a really simple tip to help your exercise efforts: use coffee for weightloss (plus, it will also give you a little more oomph in your workouts!).

We all know that caffeine is useful for mental stimulation. Did you also know that it is a thermogenic – it acts to enhance fat-burning during exercise? You can get extra benfit from your workouts by getting a little extra weightloss just from a cup of coffee.

What this means is that caffeine provides a double-dose of positive effects: it can enhance your fat loss AND, it can 'wake you up' before a workout.

The mental stimulation that coffee provides is unquestionably useful before a workout. In our workouts, we have to concentrate very intensely to get to the desired intensity levels. By being in a slightly alerted state as a result of caffeine, you can make it easier to provide this extra special concentration. In effect, caffeine also wakes the rest of your body up too – and this is definitely of use when we are making physical efforts!

I take a small hit of caffeine before both my cardio and weights workouts. I just use instant coffee – and I guess you can use any type. I put 2 to 3 teaspoons of coffee into a cup and add just a small amount of hot water. I down it all in one go – it has a bit of a kick – and afterwards I feel 'ready to go'

If you do not have any adverse reactions to caffeine I recommend you try this coffee weightloss tactic to assist your efforts. And to help you focus on your workouts as much as possible!

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