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"If you want to be healthy, you can be healthy. It's simply a choice that you make."

"Now that I've finished my Program I'm still sticking to the habits. When I think about all the benefits I gain, it's more difficult not to do it!"
Greg, 27, Engineer


The healing benefits of exercise

The benefits of exercise are wide and deep. The more I practice it, the more I know it as the truth. The ability of the body to heal itself is greatly enhanced when the body is in motion. 

The benefits of exercise include improvement, development, recovery, growth and strengthening. Obviously this can be applied to the physical body. And you know what, movement is also a massive aid to improvements on a mental and emotional level...

I have seen so many people before they come to Body Transform who have been sedentary for a number of years. They complain of back problems, sore knees or sore necks. They have been sitting all day in an office, and then going home at night and sitting down even more. They have not actually been using their bodies (once they start moving, their bodies will actually benefit from exercise more than most!)
What happens when a body is not being used is that the body starts to lose its inherent state of health. Chronic muscles pain is often caused from chronic disuse of muscles!

If you are not using your body, your body soon gets the ‘message’. And the message is: I’m not being used, I’m obviously not really required, so I guess I can ‘shut-down’ just a little. This process can also be called ageing. It is often disuse of our bodies that causes ageing, just as much as time.

What is the cure? Where is the healing? It’s in the movement! The benefits of exercise arrive once you start moving.
Once you get back into action, your body has no choice! All of a sudden, it realises: I’m actually required now, so I’d better ‘wake up’ a little and get stronger and fitter, because I’m now required.’ And so it does.

Now this applies equally to our mind and emotions too. The healing and strengthening happens as a result of the movement. Creating new thoughts, having new experiences, thinking in new ways sets your mind in motion. Once your mind is in motion, you can take control over negative or repetitive thoughts or emotions.

Now when I mean in motion, I mean in a specific fashion. I mean in positive motion. I’m talking about a focused mind, a mind set on a specific goal. For the 5 minutes before you begin your cardio workout your mind might be focused on the great effort you are about to put in. Or you may be reading over your Goals and focusing for 20 seconds on the shape and form your arms and shoulders will have in eight weeks time.

This is the mind in motion I am talking about. One that is focused on worthy and valuable things; even challenged by them. Because in this state, there is no room for negative or repetitive thoughts. In this state, things are being created. This is the motion.

These thoughts are a world away from the ones you have when, say, sitting down watching TV.

Just as the physical action we take gets our body in motion and allows us to physically heal, grow and energise, the empowering thought-forms we choose undo or supersede any negative ones. Way beyond simply ‘blocking’ undesirable thoughts, our ‘mind motions’ actively create new and empowering thoughts.

The funny thing is, this ‘mind motion’ makes you feel younger too! When any worries or anxieties are replaced due to this movement of your thought-forms, you feel ‘lighter on your feet’. You don’t feel tired and worn out! That is like being younger. Can it be that we are resisting ageing with our thought-forms too?!

My experiences say that is definitely so. Whether it be thinking about my goals and dreams, planning the nutritious foods I am going to eat and how well my body is going to run on them, in my exercising staying focused and enthusiastic, or sitting here expressing my views and values for you to read. My mind is focused on positive things, and it feels free and timeless.

When I am focused on my final minutes in my training, it feels timeless. I feel brand new.

The magic is in the movement. We have been blessed with a physical body, gifted with limbs and muscles. They desire to be moved. And the more we move them, and the greater strength and focus we move them with, the greater strength and focus we will experience.

Keep moving!
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