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"If you want to be healthy, you can be healthy. It's simply a choice that you make."

"Now that I've finished my Program I'm still sticking to the habits. When I think about all the benefits I gain, it's more difficult not to do it!"
Greg, 27, Engineer


Don't ever think you can't Transform Your Body. You can.

People of all ages gain health and energy through body transformation.jpg

Because if they can do it, you can do it.

The Success Stories below come from real-life people just like you. All of these people live busy lives and have numerous demands on their time, whether in their career, business, or family life.

Look closely at their before and after photos, and read their stories. You can discover that the benefits they all have gained go way beyond skin-deep.

And remember, the challenges that you may face now are likely to be the same ones they have faced and overcome

Steve had over 40lb fat loss during body transformation.jpgSteve, 46, Lawyer

Lost a massive 18kg of fat and gained a whole new life

"During my Program I learned how to use a gym, improved my body shape, came down 2 clothing sizes, replaced my wardrobe, improved my skin, increased my energy levels, improved my relationship with my wife, inspired my son, increased my self-esteem. I have changed my life in 10 weeks, and I know I can maintain it."
                                         see more amazing before and after photos of Steve

Client: mid-30s male before photo.jpg

Clint stripped fat and gained muscle in 10 weeks.jpgClint, 35, Insurance Broker

Dropped 13 kg of fat and gained 6 kg of lean muscle

Clint’s story shows us that even a busy small business owner with a young family has time to completely transform their body. Clint had exercised all his life, and found that the eating plan was the secret to his success....

Lose fat and gain energy like Rustica did with Body Transform.jpgRustica, 37, Property Developer

Lost 7 kg of fat, gained 3 kg of lean muscle

Initially Rustica was a 'no-gym' person. She had made the committment to get in shape, but was not sure the best way to go about it. The running that she used to do just wasn't working for her anymore...

"Without Body Transform I could not have found a new way of eating and exercising that continues to be part of my every day life well after my Program finished."

Kent's outstanding muscle growth in 10 week transformation.jpgKent, 31, TV and Film Editor

Lost 6 kg fat while gaining 6 kg lean muscle
"What I saw from Body Transform was not just a chance to get fit and have a great physique, I saw an opportunity to change my life. Now I can tell you that my life has changed. The skills you learn throughout the Body Transform Program allow you to transform not only your physical shape, but also your mental focus and your ability to apply yourself" 

Matt before photo.jpgFit and lean after 10 weeks.jpgMatt, 34, Insurance Broker

Dropped 9 kg of fat and gained 3 kg of lean muscle

Like most people not looking after their body in their 30’s , Matt was heading in the wrong direction. The demands of his small business meant that Matt was reduced to a ‘weekend warrior’ – only finding time to squeeze in a little exercise on the weekend. It was now or never for Matt to set up some new habits that could fit around his lifestyle...

Early-20s female before photo.jpgTamzin gets lean and toned through Body Transform.jpgTamzin, 21, Business Owner

Lost 7 kg fat and gained 2 kg lean muscle
Tamzin herself was surprised with how much she could change in 10 weeks...

"I don't think I ever really believed I could transform my body - it wasn't till I had my final photos done that I was able to look at myself with completely new eyes! This has given me completely new confidence to be the absolute best me I can be."

Tony's body transformation to a physique of lean muscle.jpgTony, 30, Account Manager

Lost 8 kg fat, gained a massive 7 kg lean muscle

Tony began the Program looking to rediscover the muscular body that he had in his early 20's. In his earlier training days, Tony had not followed an effective meal plan. Over 10 weeks when he did, the results were very impressive...

Greg aged 27 gains muscle during body transformation.jpgGreg, 27, Mechatronics Engineer

Lost 9 kg fat, gained 7 kg lean muscle
"My constant excuse had been that I was really busy with my startup businesses, and I would focus on my body when things settled down and I had more time and less stress. The reality is that I have always been busy with limited free time, and if I waited for the “perfect” time to get in shape, it would never happen. Now I feel confident and proud, and I’ve gained confidence in my ability to commit to something and consistently follow through to achieve a great result."

Anna loses unwanted fat during body transformation.jpgAnna, 27, Accountant

Lost 6 kg of fat, gained 2 kg of lean muscle
"I had been telling myself that I was “ok” with my body the way it was, as I was focusing on other areas of my life, and once I got those under control I could then focus on improving my body. What I didn’t realise is how much of an impact exercising using the Body Transform program would effect and energise other areas of my life. Now I have more energy for work and for play and have more confidence in going after what I really want in life!"

Alicia, 26, Teacher

Lost 10 kg fat, gained 3 kg lean muscle
"I woke up at 6am one morning (feeling at my all-time lowest) and knew that if I didnt push myself to make a decision right then and there - that I would never have any control of the way I was feeling and my bad eating habits. I had to do something about it and get back into shape..."
read more about Alicia's inspiring change to health

Lose weight and get in shape in your 40s.jpgMichael, 42, Senior Manager

Lost 7 kg fat, gained 3 kg lean muscle
"I would like to thank Phil for all his support and assistance throughout the program - I am certainly pleased with the results to date. And I love the continued positive comments from people!"

Donna revealed toned muscles during body transformation.jpgDonna, 28, Sales Manager

Lost 8 kg fat, gained 3 kg lean muscle
"You learn how to do things the correct way rather than labouring on your own… also having Phil for motivation and to discuss things about your program and body changes is brilliant. To have the support whilst you are going through this life transformation is invaluable."


You can be a Success Story too

Follow the success of others and make your own exciting change.

Learn the 3 Program keys:   Exercise    Nutrition    Motivation

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P.S. The Body Transform 100% Money-back Guarantee means there is no financial risk for you. If you purchase the Program and don't achieve the body changes you desire, or if you aren't feeling fitter, healthier and more energised, I will promptly refund your full purchase fee. And I'll let you keep all of the information and support resources that I send you!
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