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"If you want to be healthy, you can be healthy. It's simply a choice that you make."

"Now that I've finished my Program I'm still sticking to the habits. When I think about all the benefits I gain, it's more difficult not to do it!"
Greg, 27, Engineer



Greg, 27, Mechatronics Engineer

Lost 9 kg fat, gained 7 kg lean muscle
Lean and muscular after body transformation.jpg
Greg before transformation.jpg
Greg had always be an active guy, playing lots of sports as a teenager and through his 20's. He has always been fit and in good shape, although through his 20's he found things were slipping a little. He found that he was gaining weight slowly but surely each year, despite his weekend sports. It's part of growing older - your metabolism will tend to slow down as you approach 30. The question is - can you do anything about it, or is the middle-age spread unavoidable? Yes you can do something about it! It is actually straight-forward to change your body and get it running the way you want it. Greg has proved this, and done it, all within 10 weeks.

His Change
Like many others, it was the food habits that surprised Greg. Not only are they simple, they are very effective. What that meant was he was getting rewarded with rapid decreases in body fat for the After: body shape transformed.jpgeffort he put in during his workouts.
Before: unwanted body fat.jpg
In fact, many of his workmates couldn't believe that he was losing so much weight whilst eating so much food! (this is not a starvation diet!) Now with more lean muscle and a fast metabolism, Greg has completely reversed the increases in body fat he was experiencing previously.


"I went to a presentation to hear Phil, thinking I might pick up a few tips on healthy eating. I was very impressed with the work the Phil was doing, and could see how this would make a big difference to anyone with the commitment to do it. However I remember thinking to myself, “I can do this on my own”. That was until Phil pointed out to me that if I knew how easy it was to do, I would have already done it.

This really struck me, as I had done eating plans before, and have been exercising all my life. The thing is, I had always found it very difficult to lose weight, even when I was training twice a day and eating healthy foods.

I had constantly thought, and on occasion verbalized, my excuse that I was really busy with my startup businesses, and I would focus on my body when things settled down and I had more time and less stress. The reality is that I have always been busy with limited free time, and if I waited for the “perfect” time to get in shape, it would never happen.

My partner, Anna, and I decided to do the full program, and I’m so glad we did. It took commitment to get up a bit earlier every morning to train, but it really wasn’t as difficult as one might think. When you have a good reason why, it’s easy to just set that alarm a bit earlier, and it quickly becomes a habit. It was also really good to be doing the program with my partner, as we would get up and train together, and there was always someone to relate to who was going through exactly the same thing as me.

Now that I’m finished my 10 weeks, I’ve relaxed slightly but I’m still sticking to the program. It does take a bit of self-discipline to do it. However when I think about all the benefits of exercise and healthy eating, and how I would actually be missing out and feeling worse for not training, I find it difficult not to do it!

I feel confident and proud when I walk around the water polo pool, and have had many positive comments from fellow team-mates. I have constant energy, and I don’t feel starving or bloated during the day. Beyond the physical transformation, I’ve gained confidence in myself, and my ability to commit to something and consistently follow through to achieve a great result – a great skill that is useful in many areas of life."

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