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"If you want to be healthy, you can be healthy. It's simply a choice that you make."

"Now that I've finished my Program I'm still sticking to the habits. When I think about all the benefits I gain, it's more difficult not to do it!"
Greg, 27, Engineer



Rustica, 37, Property Developer

Rustica represents all women balancing their professional life with
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the needs of a young family. Not only does Rustica run her own Property business - and all of the hours and effort that needs to go into that - with her husband she is also bringing up her first child. Plus, during her 10-week Program, Rustica also had to manage moving from Australia to the South Island to live - with 6 weeks spent in transit in Auckland! During her 6 week 'stopover' in Auckland, Rustica learnt the exercise and nutrition Actions of the Body Transform Program, and was able to take those with her when she left town. Put it this way, 10 weeks in Rustica's life was the definition of busy.

How did she manage such an inspiring change to her body and her energy?

How She Changed
Rustica came to Body Transform with a good running ability and practically no experience with weights. The two main changes for her were realising that she could indeed lift weights, and that the short duration aerobic trainings of Body Transform were more effective than the running she had been doing. Combined with the straight-forward yet effective eating style, Rustica found that her energy levels increased significantly within the first few weeks of her Program. The changes to her body were constant over the 10 weeks and she was able to dramatically change the body that she had carried with her since her pregnancy. Rustica found that the weight training contributed to her being able to really change the shape of her body, as well as giving her much better posture.

Beyond 10 Weeks
Rustica continues with the actions of Body Transform that she learn whilst in Auckland. She performs 3 Body Transform cardio trainings per week. And, despite initially having never gone to a gym, she now does a weight training every week!


"I met Phil through a referral. He met me the morning I called him, and I was
so impressed I met him later that day for my first session, which was a
half day learning session regarding food and exercise. I know of no other
trainer who takes you to the supermarket to shop for the week, it was
fun..and very enlightening!

I am a total 'no gym' bunny, but persisted with the gym sessions 3 times a
week, and now still go weekly after 6 weeks of completing the 10 weeks. I
love the running, and the CD I could put onto my ipod and run without
timing, having Phil there with me every step of the way.

One of my main goals was not to feel so shattered every morning. On thinking
about that goal, I realised I have not felt 'shattered' after 10 hours sleep
for months!

I lost 4 kilos, but people think I have lost much more than that, the
compliments keep coming, I have jeans that need a new belt, and then another

I have found Phil to be motivating, accessible, steady, encoraging, flexible
and fun. He is passionate about what he does and helping people achieve
their goals. Without him I could not have found a new way of eating and
exercising that continued to be part of my every day life well after he had
finished coaching me.

His coaching will change your eating and exercise habits permanantly. I would
not recommend anyone BUT Phil if you want to get fit, lose weight, look and
feel good about your self."



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