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"If you want to be healthy, you can be healthy. It's simply a choice that you make."

"Now that I've finished my Program I'm still sticking to the habits. When I think about all the benefits I gain, it's more difficult not to do it!"
Greg, 27, Engineer



Steve, 46, Lawyer

A new standard for success

Steve after: massive fat loss.jpgSteve before: excess body fat.jpg
Steve proves to us that you can get into great shape regardless of whether you have any prior experience exercising or eating well. For the first 47 years of his life, Steve had done very little exercise - he just didn't see himself as the 'sporty' type of person. He perceived himself as the 'intellectual', and for most of his life that had been his focus. Certainly he has had great success in his professional career, but at what price to his health? When Steve came to Body Transform he knew that his very life was at risk due to his unhealthy lifestyle, his weight, and where he was heading. Steve had tried working with Personal Trainers in the past, but the piecemeal approach of just addressing exercise had had no impact. Steve needed a complete solution to address his health - and he knew that  it was now or never. Steve showed great courage in taking this step, and investigating whether he could indeed become a 'healthy eater' and a regular gym-goer. He knew that he needed to do something, and that he had to create a new identity for himself to get the job done.

Could he do it after years of letting his health and physique slip away?

How He Changed
Right from the first week Steve showed a level of focus and determination tha t was inspirational. He committed himself to following the straight-forward actions, and his reward was fast change. Steve's body was more than ready to 'let go' of the excess body-fat! Now Steve has a very busy professional career and is also raising a young family, so his time is in demand. However, he continued to exercise week in and week out, as well as learn and practice the right nutrition habits. Once Steve started seeing the changes - there was no stopping him. Look closely at the photos of Steve - especially his face - and you will see that Steve left his 'old' self and self-image somewhere on a different planet.
What can you say about someone who completely turned around a lifetime of inactivity within 10 weeks? It's a new standard of success on all levels.

Beyond 10 Weeks
Steve began a new 10-week Program soon after finishing his first. His focus now is on further muscle development and growth. Steve knows what he is doing now, and he wants to keep doing it. Exercising regularly and eating balanced nutritious meals is the new Steve, and you can bet his life is easier and much more fun because of it. 


"Phil Stewart is a hero. I have just finished my Program (and plan to carry on with Phil's programmes). During my 10 weeks I lost 18kgs of fat, gained 3kgs of muscle, learned how to use a gym, improved my body shape, came down 2 clothing sizes, replaced my wardrobe, improved my skin, increased my energy levels, improved my relationship with my wife, inspired my son, increased my self-esteem, I now work better, and am envied by friends who have been struggling trying to achieve results on their own. Phil is worth every cent. I have changed my life in 10 weeks, and I know I can maintain it."

You can be a Success Story too

Learn the 3 Program keys:   Exercise    Nutrition    Motivation

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