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"If you want to be healthy, you can be healthy. It's simply a choice that you make."

"Now that I've finished my Program I'm still sticking to the habits. When I think about all the benefits I gain, it's more difficult not to do it!"
Greg, 27, Engineer

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"I was a total 'no gym' bunny, but I began with the gym sessions 3 times a
week, and now still go weekly 6 weeks after completing my 10 week Program. I
love the running, and the Body Transform Audio Trainer CD I could put onto my ipod, having Phil there with me every step of the way."

Rustica, 37, Property Developer
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"I had constantly thought that I was really busy with my startup businesses, and I would focus on my body when things settled down and I had more time and less stress. The reality is that I have always been busy with limited free time, and if I waited for the “perfect” time to get in shape, it would never happen.

 It took commitment to get up a bit earlier every morning to train, but it really wasn’t as difficult as one might think. When you have a good reason why, it’s easy to just set that alarm a bit earlier, and it quickly becomes a habit.

Now that I’m finished my Program, I have constant energy, I’ve gained confidence in myself, and my ability to commit to something and consistently follow through to achieve a great result – a great skill that is useful in many areas of life."

Greg, 27, Mechatronics Engineer

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"The skills you learn throughout the Body Transform Program allow you to transform not only your physical shape, but also your mental focus and your ability to apply yourselves to challenges and succeed.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Phil and Body Transform for this experience, and recommend to you to take this opportunity that he is offering you."

Kent, 31, TV and Film Editor
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"I have just finished my Program (and plan to carry on with Phil's programs). During 10 weeks I lost 18kgs of fat, gained 3kgs of muscle, learned how to use a gym, improved my body shape, came down 2 clothing sizes, replaced my wardrobe, improved my skin, increased my energy levels, improved my relationship with my wife, inspired my son, increased my self-esteem. I now work better, and am envied by friends who have been struggling trying to achieve results on their own. Phil is worth every cent."

Steve, 45, Lawyer

Forget what they tell you: Spend less time exercising!

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Exercise 50% less and get results 200% faster when you employ training techniques that target the chemical processes of fat burning and muscle growth.
Now you can lose body fat and build muscle all at once. The best news: workouts are easy to follow and they work for any age, shape or size.


 Kent replaced 6kg of fat with 6kg of muscle in 10 weeks using

Body Transform Exercise along with Nutrition and Motivation


Body Transform Exercise takes less than 3 total hours per week and includes both fat loss and muscle toning/building workouts performed at home or in a gym. You get in shape very fast because the workouts are backed up by a complete program:


10-week Program:    Exercise   Nutrition   Motivation


                                                              See what you receive in your Program


5 reasons people succeed with Body Transform Exercise:

1. No complicated exercises or equipment needed. Just somewhere to do cardio and some dumbells and a bench.
2. Time is no longer a factor - it's less than 3 hours total per week
3. Customise your weekly plan whether your focus is fat loss or muscle growth. Do your favourite type of cardio and weights exercises.
4. It's no hyped-up boot camp - exercise when you want and fit the workouts into your lifestyle
5. Actions to take are carefully explained and illustrated - so you become knowledgeable and empowered

See what you receive in your 10-week Program


The 2 essentials of a successful exercise program:

  • 1.  It can't take more than 4 hours per week, or 45 minutes per workout

  • 2.  It must be easy to understand so it is easy to repeat

It's obvious: if an exercise programme requires you to workout 5, 6 or 7 hours per week it just takes too much time to get it done. Or if it requires following a hard-to-understand workout schedule or performing difficult exercises it is going to be difficult to learn and follow correctly. In these instances sticking with the programme is going to be difficult. And this is the reason 90% of people give up on their exercise programme within the first three weeks: it's just too hard to do!

Well that doesn’t have to ever happen again!



The first thing we need: an exercise program that we have time to do


Most people haven't tried to get in shape because they don't think they have time. 

It's true: we’ve all got very busy lives. If you have to exercise for 6 or 7 hours per week, it's going to be difficult to follow.

I couldn't fit 6 hours exercise into my week - nor would I want to! (I will only do 3 hours a week!)

The thought of adding regular exercise in to the weekly mix for many people makes it all seem a little daunting. Until you learn how little time you actually have to spend exercising.

The fact is you shouldn't have to exercise more than 3 hours per week, even to get a massive body transformation. But how is this possible?


The two essential components of Body Transform that mean you only have to exercise for 3 hours per week are:

1. The workouts are engineered to induce maximum fat burn and maximum muscle stimulation. To induce these processes only takes 15 to 20 minutes of exercise at once!

2. Alongside Body Transform Exercise you have Body Transform Nutrition - a food plan that provides your body the right amount of nutrients at the right time to accelerate the induced fat-burning and muscle development. 

These two components mean you get the most out of every single minute exercising. That is called effective exercise!

See what you receive in your 10-week Program



The second thing we need: an exercise program with exercises that are easy to learn and do


Most people are putting off getting in shape because they don't know how easy it is to exercise properly


There is certainly a lot of information 'out there' about what exercises are best for getting in shape, and what type of exercise programme you should follow. Should you focus on cardio, or weight training, or group classes at the gym? Should you workout every day, or have every second day off to rest? Do you need to exercise for at least half an hour to start getting benefits? For better or worse, I feel like I've seen every contrasting piece of exercise programme advice available. And it can sound complicated!

The truth is, the effective exercise of Body Transform is also very straight-forward. It has to be simple - because exercise is for everyone - not just athletes or gym-junkies. Exercise is one of the most fundamental things humans should do: there is no way I will teach anything that you can't learn quickly and start doing straight away.

Body Transform exercise programme is simple to learn and follow because:

1. You perform the straight-forward cardio and weight training exercises - no advanced techniques or equipment are necessary. You can do all your workouts from home, or you can use a gym as well. The weight trainings require only four sets of dumbells and a simple bench.

2. You receive complete resources to show you exactly how to perform the exercises: exercise photos, videos, audio program, page-by-page tutorials, and workout sheets.



About the Body Transform Exercise Program


The Aim:

• Lose fat
• Promote lean muscle growth and toning
• Maintain high and stable energy levels all day

The Actions:

• Perform both aerobic (cardio) training and weight training

• Complete 4 to 6 workouts per week - making approximately 3 hours total effective exercise

• Short-duration trainings – each weight training is no longer than 45 minutes. The aerobic trainings are only 17 minutes long!

• Focus on your own individual level of effort – not how much weight you lift or how fast you walk or jog

See what you receive in your 10-week Program



Reasons Why the Exercise Program Works


• Aerobic training and weight training done together has a double impact on fat loss. The aerobic trainings specifically target body fat. Building and toning lean muscle (not bulky muscle) speeds up your body’s metabolism which makes it easier to lose body-fat and also more difficult to store new body-fat. Toned muscle is your ‘safeguard’ to keeping lean.

• Weight training is now considered within the fitness and medical community to be essential for overall health and illness prevention. You gain improved physiology and posture as your muscles become sufficiently strong to hold your body in correct alignment. You experience a reduction in back tension and pain, which reduces stress throughout your body. You gain increased bone density, not to mention gains in energy, strength and muscle endurance.

• Short-duration interval aerobic training is proven to stimulate fat-loss, even well after you have finished exercise. This effective exercise style drastically increases the production of the chemical catecholamine when compared to longer constant-speed exercise. Catecholamine is the key ingredient that triggers your body to start burning fat for energy, and it stays in your system for 36 hours after you finish this type of exercising. So the more of this chemical you can induce during exercise, the more fat you will burn for longer after exercise. The outdated slow and longer-time aerobic training style does not induce this fat-loss benefit.

It's very straight-forward. If you can understand the above, you will be able to grasp the specific details of the exercise programme straight away. Of course, your specific exercise programme can be customised to suit you, as explained below.


The fundamentals work for Everybody - and we have an Exercise Program just for You

The workouts of the exercise program explained above are the same for everyone. Because these highly effective exercises actually work the same for every body, regardless of age, sex or genetics.

Within the exercise program there is also sufficient flexibility to customise the actions to suit each individual. It is easy to tailor your Weekly Exercise Plan depending on your specific goals. For example, if your priority is fat-loss you can do 3 or 4 aerobic trainings and only 1 or 2 weight trainings per week. Or if you are lean and looking to build muscle, you can do 3 or 4 weight trainings and 1 or 2 aerobic trainings per week.

The beauty of the exercise program is that it is absolutely proven to work, and the actions to take are simple. Plus, within the framework, you can build your personal Weekly Exercise Plan to exactly suit your goals.


See what you receive in your 10-week Program



Ask Yourself Now

I firmly believe that everyone can make time to do the Body Transform Exercise Program. And it's proven to be so. I have had business owners and senior managers who work 60 hours a week as well as bring up young families have amazing success with the exercise program. If they can find the time, couldn't you?!

The time it takes to go to the movies and watch one film is about the time it takes to do all of the exercise you need to do in a week.

You need to ask yourself if you are willing to spend a mere 3 hours a week to completely transform your body. And if that doesn't sound appealing to you, I don't know if anything else could. Because:

What else would you be doing with your 3 hours to get as many benefits you get from transforming your body?

10 weeks is going to pass in exactly the same amount of time no matter what you do. In 10 weeks, you can experience a complete body transformation, learn some great new habits, and potentially transform your life. Or, you could be in the same place, still be wondering what to do and if you will ever get 'round to getting in shape.

Good luck - I hope you are ready now!



It's never too late to be what you might have been...

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"Thank you for showing an interest in your own transformation. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you in your health and fitness goals."

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Phil Stewart
Body Transform

P.S. The Body Transform 100% Money-back Guarantee means there is no financial risk for you. If you purchase the Program and don't achieve the body changes you desire, or if you aren't feeling fitter, healthier and more energised, I will promptly refund your full purchase fee. And I'll let you keep all of the information and support resources that I send you!
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