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"If you want to be healthy, you can be healthy. It's simply a choice that you make."

"Now that I've finished my Program I'm still sticking to the habits. When I think about all the benefits I gain, it's more difficult not to do it!"
Greg, 27, Engineer

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"Physically I have never been fat or over-weight, but because of bad eating habits and no exercise my physical shape had become weak and flaccid, and my energy levels were at an all-time low.
Now 10 weeks on I can tell you that my life has changed. The skills you learn throughout the Body Transform Program allow you to transform not only your physical shape, but also your mental focus and your ability to apply yourselves to challenges and succeed."

Kent, 31, TV and Film Editor
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"Phil is passionate about what he does and helping people achieve their goals. Without him I could not have found a new way of eating and exercising that continued to be part of my every day life well after he had finished coaching me."

Rustica, 37, Property Developer
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"What I didn’t realise is how much of an impact exercising using the Body Transform Program would effect and energise other areas of my life. Now I’m exercising regularly, eating what’s right for my body and feeling incredible! I have more energy for work and for play and have more confidence in going after what I really want in life!"

Anna, 26, Accountant
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Gained 7kg of lean muscle
February to May 2008
"Phil's energy and passion was contagious and spurred me on even more.
I feel healthier and fitter and have no regrets; I would recommend this course to anybody."

Alan, 38, Business Owner

11 Myths About Getting In Shape Exposed!

Let’s face it, we live in a world where there is no shortage of information about getting into shape.

But if all of the information is useful, shouldn’t more of us be in great shape?

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Wherever you choose to look, you can find enormous amounts of information about the best way to exercise, or the latest exercise technique.

Check out the fitness magazines in your bookstore – every month they have detailed reports and studies on the ‘miracle’ fat-loss or muscle growth technique. And I don’t even need to mention the enormous amount of information available on the internet. Many of us have grown up with our own perceptions on the best way to exercise, most often based on what we learnt at school, or from our friends or sports coaches.

Similarly, there seems to be a never-ending stream of fad diets or ‘miracle’ foods that are promised to get you in amazing shape. And again, all of us come into adulthood with our own food beliefs and habits, based primarily on what we learnt growing up, and often based on the information on food that is delivered to us by advertising media.

There is hope!

With all this knowledge around us, clarity on what it takes to really get in shape can be elusive. Don’t be put off though! There are scientifically proven truths that you can now rely on. But you want more than just scientific proof. You need to know real-world that the actions you are going to take work. Body Transform provides real-world proof that there are fundamental truths related to exercise and nutrition that work. All of the amazing testimonials you see on this site provide living proof that the facts relating to getting in shape explained below, when applied, work every time.

11 Myths Replaced With Fact

Myth: As long as I’m exercising it doesn’t matter as much what I eat

Fact: If you exercise, it matters even more what you eat

Forget any stories that foods won’t impact on you as much when you are exercising because you’ll just ‘burn it up’ anyway. When you are exercising, your body becomes more susceptible to what you put in it. Think of it like this.

Your exercise is the ‘spark’ and your nutrition is the ‘fuel’ that determines the ability of that spark to turn into a flame.

Once you have exercised the results you get – the flame – are determined by the foods that you then put in your body. In a way, your body becomes more sensitive to what you feed it. If you exercise but do not consume quality nutrition after exercise you will find that you tire out and that it becomes difficult to follow your exercise schedule. Conversely, if you eat nutritious foods in the right amount, not only do you allow your physical changes to occur faster, you also remain energised throughout the day, and you can continue with your workouts.

Myth: The more I exercise, the more body-fat I will lose

Fact: Too much exercise can be counter-productive

This is one of the most popular myths related to exercise. Working out too much can actually take you further away from your goals. Not only is it exhausting on the body, but it is also very draining on the mind. Brief yet intense trainings actually rejuvenate the body and clear the mind, leaving you with loads of energy to get on with your day. And, with the extra energy, you of course find it easier to turn up for the following days workout.

The workouts I teach through Body Transform are short and sharp, and highly effective. They stimulate both fat loss and muscle growth, and require only 3 hours exercise per week. Now the training is intense, because the aim of the training is to provide the precise amount of stimulation to induce the changes in the body that we are looking for.

Many people are still caught up in the false assumption that more is better in exercise. The living proof of those who have completed Body Transform is hopefully enough to convince them that there is an easier way!

Myth: I need to have a personal trainer with me or I can’t exercise properly

Fact: Exercising is one of the most natural things in the world and your body knows what to do

This myth is one that is challenging for a lot of people. It fascinates me. We all have a physical body which is structured and formed to move. We have muscles which exist only to move us and allow us to move other objects. Using your body in the way that by its very definition it is supposed to move is the most natural and obvious thing in the world.

Sure, you need to learn the best way to move and use your body, the most effective way to get the physical changes that you want. But what if the actions to take were actually very simple? What if you could learn them completely in a couple of weeks? Once you take ownership of the actions – they are yours to do whenever it suits you. And it’s completely free! Once you learn the right actions, and they are easy to learn, you are free to do them for the rest of your life without ever having to rely on anyone else. Now I think that is a very powerful and valuable thing.

Myth: Understanding nutrition is complicated and best left to the experts

Fact: Learning how foods really affect your body is straight-forward and can be easily done

There really is so much information around us related to foods and what is healthy for us. From my experience, I would say 95% of it is mis-information. Most of what we supposedly learn about nutrition comes from the marketing of food companies who are simply trying to sell us their products.

The first thing to do is to disregard this marketing. The next thing to do is to actually sit down and learn the truth about what different foods do to your body, and how to create simple meals that allow your body to change. It takes about an hour to do this. The thing that surprises all of my clients is how simple it is. And, how their new eating style is actually quite close to the way they originally ate. The biggest difference for my clients is now they are conscious of what they are eating and the effect it will have on them. It’s straight-forward stuff – it’s just no-one has sat down and explained it to them before.

And after about three weeks of practicing these foods, everyone ‘gets it’. For many people, the food learning is the most significant part of their Program. Because once they ‘get it’, they know everything they need to know about food for the rest of their life. They can easily ignore the mis-information that they get bombarded with because they know the truth.

Myth: Shape-up programs are good for the short-term but are impossible to stick with for any great length of time

Fact: Once you begin to experience the benefits of taking the right actions you want to continue

Here’s the fact – all of my clients who successfully complete their 10 week program continue with the exercise and nutrition habits. How is this possible? Body Transform is not a crash-diet or a complicated exercise Program. It is a Program that I designed to be sustainable in the long term. The actions to take can be continued forever, because they do not involve any drastic measures or any extremes in nutrition and exercise.

The answer is something that both works, and can be continued. Because if it gives you the results you want, AND you can keep doing it, you will continue to keep doing it! The Body Transform actions give you great results and also an increase in energy and motivation. Therefore, with high energy and motivation, continuing with the right actions becomes what you actually want to do. Ask any of my previous clients.

We all know the story of the person who goes on the crash-diet and cuts down their food intake dramatically or tries a dangerous ‘low carb’ diet. Sure, they will lose some weight, but the price they pay is tiredness, irritability and reduced mental focus. And so after short number of weeks, they simply cannot continue because they are feeling so lousy. That’s not sustainable. And because they have in fact slowed down their metabolism, as soon as they increase their food intake, the chance of gaining body-fat increases. It’s the yo-yo diet – they end up heavier than they started! This is because the actions they took were not sustainable.

Myth: I don’t have time to get in shape

Fact: You don't have enough time to not be in shape!

This is one of the biggest obstacles to many people getting healthy and fit again. Time. Most of us have various important demands on our time every day: from our work, our families (especially if you have children) and our social lives. The thought of adding exercise in for many seems like just too much.

The thing is, when you are fit and healthy, you actually have more time for all other things.

Because when you are feeling healthy and energised, you create more time to do things. It’s a change from feeling tired at the end of each work day and struggling to perform the other tasks you need to do that day. If you have more energy, you will find that doing the other things you need to do in your day is actually easier. And, in that state of mind, you may even find that other things that you have been putting off become much more achievable.

So in a sense, the short amount of time (3 hours per week) that you invest in your body creates more time in your week. I’ve seen it time and time again with my clients – getting done what use to be a chore becomes easier when your are feeling strong and healthy. So if you are not looking after your body you are in essence missing out on energy and time that could be free for you to use.

The time spent exercising is an investment for the rest of the week. I don’t know anyone who can’t find 3 hours a week on top of what they already do. It’s simply a matter of prioritising what is going to be genuinely beneficial to you.

Myth: Focusing on my body and health seems selfish when I have others I need to think about

Fact: Once you are fit and energised, you have more time and energy to spend with others

Again, this is related to the benefits you get from making what I term the investment in yourself. Your exercise and nutrition habits are the ultimate investment in yourself – they lead to greater levels of energy, clarity and motivation. So when you are in that ‘charged’ state, don’t you think that those around you are going to benefit?

You see, when you are feeling positive, fit and healthy, it rubs off on everyone you come into contact with. You may have more clarity in your workplace and you may be motivated to contribute more. You might have more energy at the end of the day to really spend quality time with your partner rather than just collapsing in front of the tv. You may be able to keep up with the energy of your children!

Whatever it may be for you, I promise that you will have more to give. In this way, putting yourself first actually allows you to give more to others. And I think that is one of the greatest benefits of being fit, healthy and energised.

Myth: I’m too old to get in shape. I should have done this earlier and now it’s too late to change

Fact: It’s never too late to be what you might have been

You may be too old not to get into great shape! The actions of Body Transform are for anyone of any age. They work for everybody – because in the end our bodies react to exercise and nutrition in exactly the same way. Did you know that every human body is actually 99% identical? The 1% difference accounts for all the physical differences that are apparent – colouring, height, etc. So what works for someone who is 20 will work in an equivalent way for someone who is 50.

Now changes in a 50-year-old may not be quite as rapid as for someone younger, but you can bet the changes will occur all the same.

The thing is, whatever age you currently are, it is not a moment too soon to get in shape. Whatever age, the question is the same. If you don’t do this now, when will you do it? How many more years will you wait before getting in shape?
It’s never too late to feel what it feels like to be fit and healthy. And you can be sure, that being fit and healthy can actually lead to a longer life with fewer health risks. The time is always now!

Myth: Aerobic training is better for getting in shape than weight training

Fact: To create a genuine change in your body requires aerobic training and weight training together

Aerobic training and weight training done together has a double impact on fat loss. Building and toning lean muscle (not bulky muscle) speeds up your body’s metabolism. This makes it easier to lose body-fat and also more difficult to store new body-fat. Toned muscle is your ‘safeguard’ to keeping lean.

Weight training is also considered essential for overall health. You gain improved posture, improved physiology as your muscles are now strong enough to hold your body in proper alignment, reduction in back stiffness and pain, and increased bone density.

Weight training is essential to change the shape of your body. If you are just doing cardio training, sure you will lose body-fat, but your overall shape will stay the same. It will just get a little smaller overall. If you are carrying excess weight around your mid-section and have small shoulders and arms, you will end up with the same proportions, just smaller. Only by training weights can you actually transform your body shape. You can reshape the body to one that is broader across the shoulders, thus making your waist look smaller. You can build shapely, lean muscular arms, which looks and feels great. You can strengthen your legs and bring out the muscle definition in your calves and thighs, which again looks great and also feels empowering and strong.

Trust me, seeing muscles come back that you might not have seen for years feels so very inspiring and invigorating!

Myth: You need to do everything ‘perfectly’ if you want to get in shape

Fact: You only need to get things right most of the time to succeed

Let me make it quite clear that you do not have to complete every workout or get every meal right to have amazing success in only 10 weeks! We are not perfect – we are people who are doing our best.

What really counts is what you do most of the time. It would be unrealistic and downright foolish to require that every exercise session be completed, or that every meal needs to contain the right nutritional balance. The beauty of it is this: within the 10 week Program there is sufficient scope built-in to accommodate all of the instances where you cannot follow the Program.

Things do happen along the way. You may have large work deadlines that mean you miss a few trainings in a week. Or you may not be able to get to the grocery store to get the foods you need and you may eat fast food because of that. These things happen! What is important is that you always realise that any hiccups are not reason to quit! Your health is a long-term project. What is very important to learn is that you can get into great shape even though events crop up that might seem to throw you off balance. If a day doesn’t go quite right, that’s fine. There is always tomorrow.

The habit to practice is to refocus on the next day, the next workout. I insist over the 10 weeks that my clients learn how to handle the times when things don’t go quite to plan. Because that’s how life is. If you learn that things don’t have to go as planned all the time, and you can still have great success despite this, then the habits become sustainable.

Follow the Program as best you can. And make sure that you keep going even when things aren’t perfect. That’s how you succeed.

Myth: As long as I learn the exercise and nutrition habits I’ll be able to complete the Program

Fact: Most of us need support and guidance whenever we attempt change

The actions of Body Transform are not rocket-science – once understood they are straight-forward. But actually following them is sometimes another matter! And, doing it consistently enough and for long enough to allow change and results start to happen. As with everything, the essence is in the action!

You see, if just the knowledge of what to do was enough, everyone would be in great shape. You would just have to learn the right thing to do and then doing it would be automatic. But for most people, it’s not automatic. This is why it becomes so important to have an expert in the field who has ‘been there’ to guide us through the challenges and the successes.

That’s why Body Transform places a large emphasis on the Coaching related to Mindset and Motivation. You will be coached through your Program online directly by me, Phil Stewart. The coaching comes in the form of direct and personal emails, and written material delivered to you at the exact time that you need it. You are also able to email me anytime to get support and assistance.

The knowledge of exercise and nutrition is the essential platform. Then the essence of the Program is seeing it through right to the end. My promise to you is that when you start the Program, you will finish. I insist on it, because I know everyone can do this.


Here’s What to Do Now

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"I hope some of those myths now make sense to you! I appreciate the opportunity to assist you in your health and fitness goals."

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Phil Stewart
Body Transform

P.S. The Body Transform 100% Money-back Guarantee means there is no financial risk for you. If you purchase the Program and don't achieve the body changes you desire, or if you aren't feeling fitter, healthier and more energised, I will promptly refund your full purchase fee. And I'll let you keep all of the information and support resources that I send you!
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