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"If you want to be healthy, you can be healthy. It's simply a choice that you make."

Recommended by:              Body & Fitness Magazine           Recommended Product of:       Mind Body Health Association   2010, 2012 MBH Assoc Award: Online Fitness Program


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“Phil’s coaching will change your eating and exercise habits permanently. I would not recommend anyone BUT Phil if you want to get fit, lose weight, look and feel good about yourself.”

Rustica, 37, Property Investor

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“I can tell you that my life has changed. The skills you learn throughout the Body Transform Program allow you to transform not only your physical shape, but also your mental focus and your ability to apply yourselves to challenges and succeed."

Kent, 31, TV and Film Editor
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“It was amazing and very powerful to have Phil coaching me the entire way through. The experience of someone who has been through what we were going through was invaluable.
I would recommend Body Transform to anyone who wants to look and feel incredible and who wants to make a positive difference in ALL aspects of their life!”

Anna, 26, Accountant

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“Phil Stewart is a hero. I have lost 18kgs of fat, gained 3kgs of muscle, learned how to use a gym, improved my body shape, came down 2 clothing sizes, increased my energy levels, improved my relationship with my wife, inspired my son, and increased my self-esteem. I now work better and am envied by friends who have been struggling trying to achieve results on their own. Phil is worth every cent. I have changed my life, and I know I can maintain it.”

Steve, 47, Lawyer
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“Just a note for anyone reading this who is considering taking this journey, when I was "thinking" about doing this Program, Phil Stewart was already more committed to achieving changes in me than I was! If you want to make real changes for yourself without the hype and Ra-Ra that often comes along with a shape-up program, go see Phil.”

Howard, 45, Business Owner
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“I remember thinking to myself, “I can do this on my own”. That was until Phil pointed out to me that if I knew how easy it was to do, I would have already done it. This really struck me, as I had done eating plans before, and have been exercising all my life. The thing is, I had always found it very difficult to lose weight, even when I was training twice a day and eating healthy foods.
Now I have constant energy, I’ve gained confidence in myself, and my ability to commit to something and consistently follow through to achieve a great result – a great skill that is useful in many areas of life.”

Greg, 27, Electromechanical Engineer

See exactly what you get in the 10-week Program

Body transformation gives everyone fat loss and muscle tone

In 10 weeks this Program will enable you to transform your body and health in the simplest and most complete way available anywhere.
Yes, you will have to do the work: you will have to exercise and eat nutritious foods. But you can rely on the Program to guide you step-by-step on exactly what to do.
Don't second-guess yourself anymore - just get into action and do it!

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Here are full details of what you receive:


1. Nutrition Knowledge and Resourcesintroduction to nutrition ebook.jpg

Introduction to Nutrition
A comprehensive 40-page e-book that introduces you to the eating style of Body Transform and how to make it all fit within your lifestyle.

Right Nutrition
The complete lesson on how foods really work in your body. You will learn what foods will help you the most, how to choose the foods and create the meals that allow your body to change fast.

  1. how simple and complex carbohydrates really workfood comp table ebook.jpgright nutrition ebook.jpg
  2. food portion sizes
  3. how to read food labels
  4. sample meal plans
  5. choose the foods you want to use
  6. meal-time planning
  7. Daily Nutrition Journals
  8. Food Composition Table


Initial Nutrition Coaching
Review questions from Phil Stewart related to the nutrition knowledge and the foods you plan to eat. This is an important check that you have learnt what you need to learn. Phil will communicate with you until this is done!


2. Exercise Knowledge and Resources

Right Exercise
Learn the three Body Transform exercise sessions. Learn the right techniques and how to complete your exercise journals. And very importantly, create your weekly exercise plan that fits in with your lifestyle (because we want to make it easy to turn up and exercise!) exercise photo guide ebook.jpgright exercise ebook.jpg

  1. technique instructions
  2. Weekly Exercise Plan
  3. weights selection charts
  4. entire-workout descriptions
  5. Exercise Photo Guide
  6. Daily Exercise Journals


Audio TrainerDSCN1849 2
A real-time workout audio program with Phil Stewart guiding and motivating you through your cardio / aerobic training.

Initial Exercise Coaching
Review questions from Phil Stewart related to the workout you are going to do and your weekly exercise plan. Again, Phil needs to check that you have an initial understanding of the exercising, and that your weekly exercise plan is appropriate.



3. Goal Setting Resourcesright motivation ebook.jpg

A specific Right Motivation template that you use to put down your goals, your reasons for change, and the new habits you are going to create. Because once your goals and reasons are clear, you are half-way to success.



4. Weekly Motivational Writings

Motivational Writings emailed to you every weekmotivation writings.jpg

These original writings from Phil Stewart come directly from his own experience and his work with countless others making change to their bodies and health. They are specifically delivered to you in the exact week that you need them – this ensures you maintain your motivation and confidence. And, because Phil knows ‘where you are at’ each week, the writings will reinforce your own experience of change every week. The writings are powerful; there is nothing else like them.



5. Weekly Assignments

Participate in the Forum on the Body Transform Blog page and receive the powerful benefits of being in a group of like-minded others who are doing the Program.

Each week you will be set simple tasks relating to your goals, successes and challenges. Simply becoming clear about these issues is a very easy way to overcome old habits and allow you to achieve greater results.



6. Anytime email access to Phil Stewart Phil replying to emails.jpg

Any time during your Program you can email Phil to get any questions answered or discuss any aspect of your Program. Phil’s passion is helping others succeed, and he is genuinely there for you when you need him.

Your investment to transform your body and health:

Many clients have paid over $US 1,500 for me to educate and coach them.

Now, the 10-week Online Fitness Programme is a one-off payment of

only $US 24.95

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Your 100% Money-back Guarantee

I know that this Program works. That’s why I can offer a full Money-Back Guarantee. If you complete the Program and have not undergone an amazing body change and you aren’t feeling more energetic and confident than ever, I simply can’t charge you a thing. Simply email me at the end and I WILL REFUND YOU IN FULL. I have taken all the risk – because I know if you complete your Program, like all my other clients, you will succeed.


There are no on-going costs or commitments

I want to make it clear that there is no on-going commitment or contract with the Online Fitness Programme. It’s a one-off fee at the start, and that’s it. There is no ongoing agreement that you would need to opt out of. Unlike other Programs there are no extra costs or monthly fees that you end up committed to.



Your investment to transform your body and health:

The 10-week Online Fitness Programme is a one-off payment of

only $US 24.95

Buy Now

Order now securely with your credit card and you will receive immediate delivery of your first Initial Coaching email with all your Nutrition learning and resources. And your very own inspiring change will be underway!

Remember, you don't have to know exactly what you will have to do. You just need a desire to change, and the courage to take action.

Phil Stewart of Body Transform.jpg

Your one-off payment is 100% Guaranteed. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your results at the end of 10 weeks simply email I will refund you in full. And you can keep all of the knowledge and reference material that you will have received. I have taken all the risk because I know that you can follow the Program and achieve success.




The 4 most frequent questions I get asked about the Program

1. How do I know I'll get enough support with everything being online?

This was the biggest question I faced when creating the online service. Because I insist that Body Transform always provides exactly what you need to learn what to do and then go out and do it.

The good news is that I have come up with a service that provides my knowledge and support in the same step-by-step way that I provide in-person. Let me explain.

The first piece of learning you do is on Nutrition. I send you the nutrition knowledge and all the resources in my first Initial Coaching email. There are 6 steps to go through this material. In this email, I ask you the five most important questions about nutrition, because I need to check that you have understood the material. Once you send your answers back to me I review them, and we can discuss and correct your answers if necessary. Only when I am satisfied you have understood the nutrition knowledge do I send your next Initial Coaching email, which is all about Exercise. This is a 5 step process of learning the 3 different trainings and creating your weekly exercise plan. Again, I will ask 5 questions about the exercise and your plan that will tell me whether you are ‘ready’ to go or not. And again, we can discuss any questions you may have. Only when I’m satisfied that you are ready to begin exercisisng I will send you your third Initial Coaching email, which is all about Goal Setting. And once that is completed, the Initial Coaching is completed, and you can begin with Day 1 of the Program. The knowledge that I present, and process of learning Nutrition, then Exercise, then doing Goal Setting is exactly the same as I work through with one-on-one clients. And because I am checking in with you after each step I ensure you learn what you need to learn.

And once you begin the Program, the support is exactly the same as I have always provided: weekly Motivation Writings and anytime email and phone support.

Whilst there is the obvious restriction of not being there beside you, I am comfortable that this is the very best way that I can provide the knowledge and support you need by email and internet. I would only offer the online program if I believed that I could pass on everything you need – and I beleive that I have.

An obvious advantage of this method is that I can work with you wherever you are, at the time that suits you, and at a significantly lower cost than if you engaged my face-to-face.

2.  Is nutrition and motivation really as important as exercise?

Absolutely! You really do need all three aspects to ensure success. Your nutrition must be balanced with the amount and type of exercise that you do. If it is out of balance, you will not get the results as fast as you could, nor will you have the energy to continue with your exercise program. The Body Transform Program puts a lot of emphasis on nutrition; I will teach you how to do it properly, so that you have the knowledge and the confidence to eat in the best possible way. And you know what, it’s easy to do: it’s ‘normal’ food and with a bit of planning you can eat well all the time.

The motivation and mindset is the key factor that allows you to get off to a flying start with your new habits. And most importantly, remaining motivated allows you to continue with the habits. Sufficiently motivated, it’s easy to do. And with constant motivational support, you will be able to do the right things for long enough for change to happen. In many ways, I believe the motivation and support that I provide is the most significant key to all of my clients’ success.

3. Will I be able to exercise if you are not in the gym with me?

Yes. The Body Transform exercise sessions are very straight-forward as well as being hugely effective. I have been teaching them to others without having to be in the gym with them. In our Initial Coaching you will learn the exercising in great detail, and we will go through all the exercise sheets, photos and resource materials. The exercise sessions are fully prescribed right down to each minute of your cardio training and each weight that you lift. I will tell you exactly what to do to this level of detail.

Yes, you will have to learn the exercises for yourself during the first week of your Program. But with all the resources and the education I give you, it is straight-forward. And that is important. Because my goal with Body Transform all along has been to teach others to exercise effectively so that they can do it by themselves, whenever they want, without having to rely on anyone else to be there with them.

Exercise is one of the most natural things for your body. Once you learn amazingly effective exercising and you realise that you can do it on your own, you are in a very powerful place. Once you discover that you can do it yourself, you develop your own internal motivation. And from there, you will always be able to get yourself motivated to exercise. Wait and see what I mean! It happened to me when I learnt these actions in 2001, and it happens to everyone that I work with.

4. Why is the Program 10 weeks and not 12 weeks?

What I have found working personally with my previous clients is that after 10 weeks they have actually done all they need to do. In terms of learning new actions, creating and practicing new habits, and making significant change to their bodies annd their health and fitness. I would say that after 10 weeks there bodies are about the same as after 12 weeks.
Having observed this time and time again, I realised that in fact 10 weeks was a better length of time to run the Program. It means that clients get all the same benefits, and the experience of completion of a goal comes around that much faster. Also, it is important that I am not providing anything more than my clients need (and pay for!) to get what they want done.
Now of course I insisit that the lifestyle I teach you to follow can be maintained for any length of time. So even though the Program finishes after 10 weeks, you will be free to carry on with exactly the same positive and energetic habits. It just means that your initial learning experience will be completed in 10 weeks rather than 12.

5.  Am I committed to ongoing payments or anything when I join the Program?

Absolutely not. With Body transform there is no sneaky on-going monthly fee. There is no commitment into the future whatsoever. For the program you have a one-off upfront fee and that is it for ever!

I actually don’t want you to be locked-in to some ongoing membership. What I want is for you to learn nutrition and exercise now, practice it over the next 10 weeks and see how great it feels, and then for the rest of your life you are free to live as fit and healthy as you want. Because you’ll know what to do, and how to do it!

“I hope that helps clarify any questions for you. If there is anything else you need to know, please do ask. Otherwise, order your Program here.

You too can soon begin your very own change and create your own success story. Remember, you don’t have to have all the answers before you begin – you just need a desire to change!”
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